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Today I will be reviewing Dolly Wink’s famous liquid eyeliner. I’m warning you, this review is image heavy!

Brand: Dolly Wink (Koji)
Product: Liquid Eyeliner
Color: Black
Content: 0.71fl oz
Price: 21.00 USD
Made in Japan

Thin, precise, and hella cute. With this liquid eyeliner, you’ll be able to draw wings even the goddess Nike would be jealous of, but beware of the price tag.

If you want to be able to draw thin, precise lines, this eyeliner is for you. Liquid eyeliner is the hardest type of eyeliner to apply, but this eyeliner is short enough for you to get up close and personal with your reflection so you can see what you’re doing. The tip tapers to a fine point making it easy to draw thin lines with just a flick of your wrist.

Dolly Wink products are known for their quality, and this eyeliner doesn’t disappoint. It applies smoothly and fully, leaving no spots or flakes. Unless you let it dry out, it should be fine. If it has dried out, try shaking the container and drawing a few lines on your wrist to see if there’s any liner left. If there is, it will apply good as new!

This liner stays on for hours. I’ll have it on all day from before my morning classes (6:30AM) to after I come home from work (8:30PM). There is a bit of fading after the 10 hour point, but that’s natural with every liner. After it dries it is nearly impossible to rub off.

My one complaint with this product is the price. I bought mine for 21USD, but in some places you can get it for around 17USD. It’s very high quality, but there’s not much liner inside the case and you can buy liquid eyeliner for cheaper prices. A similar Stila eyeliner goes for 20USD and Sephora’s Smart Liner goes for 14USD. I love Dolly Wink and Japanese brands, but when I run out of this liner, I’m replacing it with a cheaper brand.

Tuesday December 10, 2013
10 months ago

Tagged — eyeliner. make up. make up review. dolly wink. liquid eyeliner. review.
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