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Hi guys! I’ve always wanted to do a Blog of the Month~! I’m really excited, and I hope that this will be fun. (✿。・v・。) 


-you must be following me
-reblogs only (you can like for reference though!)
-must reach 50 notes, not including likes
-you have to be totally rad B)


-you will be on my updates tab for the entire month of June
-I will promo your blog at least once a day for the entire month of June
-joint promos whenever you'd like
-blog and xhtml help
-a permanent place in my hall of fame (oooh)
-and if I'm not already following you, you'll get a follow back

Increase Your Chances:

-you're more likely to get chosen if you're a: kawaii, japanese, jfashion, street style, anime, or asian blog!
-the more you reblog, the more entries you get
-for every $1 you spend in princessmart you'll get 2 entries
-if you use my coupons in other stores you'll get 5 entries

On May 20th I will select my five favorite blogs and I will randomly select another three blogs using a number generator. I’ll enter all eight users in a poll and the user with the most votes on May 29th will become my BOTM! The runners up (the two users who have the second and third highest amount of votes) will get an honorable mention in my updates tab~

Good luck guys and happy summer (well winter for everyone south of the equator~)!

(Background image credits go to tumblr user ushi-o.)

Friday May 9, 2014
5 months ago

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